Political Advocacy & Giving Policy

As an organization, e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. (“e.l.f.” or the “Company”) does not advocate or endorse any particular political party or candidate, but the Company does encourage its employees and consumers to be involved in the political landscape. In order to promote civic engagement, the Company gives employees paid time off on Election Day and offers a Company Paid Day of Service.

The Company does not use any corporate funds for political advocacy, including but not limited to lobbying, campaign contributions, and contributions to tax-exempt groups including trade associations. This is true at the local, state, and federal levels.

While the Company does not use Company funds for political purposes of any kind, e.l.f. does believe in empowering its employees and consumers to be involved and help make a positive impact in their communities. These guidelines were approved by the Board of Directors and senior management of the Company.

we encourage voters to go e.l.f.ing vote.

In the last national election cycle, e.l.f. Beauty encouraged all registered voters to “go e.l.f.ing vote” on Election Day, with a grassroots digital movement called ‘Voting never looked so ______.” With hopes of inspiring Gen Z and snake people to vote in record numbers, the campaign invited every participant to express their perspective on voting.

To maximize awareness and participation, e.l.f. worked with a coalition of brands to inspire both influencers and individual change agents to join the initiative. The Company created a series of non-branded, easy-to-post social images to use across all social platforms where users can participate with pre-made phrases like “Voting never looked so GLAM” or “Voting never looked so EMPOWERING.” Participants were also able to share how voting looks to them by creating their own customized version with a blank template and uploading it to their social channels.

we make Election Day a Company paid day off.

e.l.f. Beauty ensures all of its U.S. employees have time to vote by designating Election Day (national elections) as a Company paid day off. In the last national election cycle, e.l.f. Beauty joined the Time to Vote Movement, a nonpartisan effort that demonstrates the power of what the business community can achieve when it works together to increase voter participation in the U.S. elections. e.l.f. Beauty joined over 1,500 companies who pledged to give employees the time they need to exercise their right to vote.

we contribute to organizations that make a difference.

To amplify voting pride in the last national election cycle, e.l.f. invited consumers to purchase a limited-edition “go e.l.f.ing vote” t-shirt. 100% of proceeds were donated to When We All Vote, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election.

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