Occupational Health & Safety Policy

e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. (“e.l.f.” or the “Company”) and its subsidiaries are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees. We consider our employees our greatest assets and essential to our strategy, and as such we strive to provide a safe work environment, in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulations. The Company’s Board of Directors and senior management have approved these guidelines and are committed to continuously improving health and safety performance across our operations.

We are proud to have talented, engaged, and responsible employees that conduct themselves with integrity, discipline and in-line with safe practices. We expect our employees to play an active role in ensuring that our work environment is safe for themselves and their colleagues. For that reason, all e.l.f. Beauty employees are required to observe these principles:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that does not jeopardize their safety or the safety of their colleagues;
  • Comply with all relevant health and safety procedures, federal and local regulations, and instructions in connection to their work;
  • Do not perform or oversee tasks that they are not appropriately trained for, lack the necessary capacity to perform, or do not have the appropriate medical fitness to perform;
  • Make sure they are sufficiently rested and alert to perform their assigned work;
  • Make sure they are knowledgeable about the emergency procedures at their location; and
  • Immediately report any instance of accident or injury, illness, unsafe or unhealthy condition, incident, spill, or release of materials to the environment so that management can take corrective action swiftly.

e.l.f. Beauty prohibits its employees from working under the following circumstances:

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including improper use of medication;
  • In the possession of firearms or other objects that can cause harm to themselves and their colleagues, such as blades and razors; and
  • When their work environment becomes unhealthy or unsafe.

Oversight Our HR leaders and office managers are responsible for the overall health and safety of the employees in our corporate and home offices. Similarly, our distribution facility managers are essential to overseeing the health and safety of our employees at their facilities. We require that those charged with an oversight role:

  • Ensure there is an adequate health and safety management system for their locations and their teams;
  • Be aware of health and safety hazards, as well as control risks arising from their team and their location;
  • Periodically review and always follow all applicable federal and local health and safety regulations;
  • Immediately report all incidents, accidents and near misses in accordance with reporting requirements, including thorough investigation, follow-up and communication of lessons learned; and
  • Make sure that employees, contractors and visitors have adequate information and training in health and safety relevant to their roles and activities.

Monitoring At e.l.f. Beauty, we are continuously working to improve health and safety procedures in our corporate offices and distribution centers through leadership, accountability, vigilance, and teamwork. To monitor our performance, e.l.f. Beauty is committed to track all relevant incidents and statistics related to health and safety, including:

Calendar 2020
Incidents of employees injured while performing their work1
Cases of occupational disease in all OUR facilities0
Number of work-related fatalities per facility0

These incidents will be tracked and, after reviewed and by senior management, disclosed on an annual basis.

Our Response to COVID-19 Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our first priority has been the safety and well-being of our employees and community. In response to COVID-19, we sent safety kits with gloves, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes to all of our employees, and included a free hand sanitizer with consumer orders placed online at elfcosmetics.com. We also gave each employee an addition of one thousand dollars to their regular paychecks to help defray some of the costs of supplies and delivery services, child and family care needs. Additionally, we donated $25,000 to local community food bank organizations to help feed those in need.

Building on the success of our #eyeslipsface TikTok hashtag challege, we remixed our original “Eyes. Lips. Face” song into a new “Eyes. Lips. Face. SAFE.” public service announcement to raise awareness of basic preventive measures we can all take to help stop the spread of the virus. Nearly 10,000 consumer videos were created using “Eyes. Lips. Face. SAFE”, garnering close to 4 million likes and over 23,000 shares on TikTok alone.

Read more about our response to COVID-19 here.

eyes. lips. face. safe.

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