Environmental Policy

At e.l.f. Beauty (“e.l.f.” or the “Company”), we are committed to being responsible stewards of our environment. An integral part of who we are and our overall business strategy is striving to do the right thing for people, the planet and our furry friends. We have work to do to reach the sustainability standards we want to meet as a Company, but stand committed to advancing our sustainability initiatives and continuing to find ways to minimize our environmental impact.

we are advancing our sustainable packaging initiatives.

reducing packaging waste We are reducing the amount of packaging that we use. In November 2021, we celebrated a significant milestone on our sustainability journey – eliminating more than one million pounds of packaging waste since the inception of “Project Unicorn”. Project Unicorn was designed to elevate e.l.f. Cosmetics’ product assortment, presentation, and navigation on-shelf, and resulted in a significant streamlining in our packaging footprint. The elimination of packaging waste was achieved by removing secondary cartons, vacuum formed trays and paper insert cards, slimming down secondary packaging, and designing a patented approach to display product on shelf. We have reduced packaging for over 200 SKUs across multiple categories thus far.

recyclable packaging We are increasing the percent of our packaging that is recyclable, refillable, reusable, or made from recycled materials. The majority of our product packaging components for the Keys Soulcare brand are created with glass that is 100% recyclable. Additionally, our shipping boxes for consumer orders from keyssoulcare.com are made from 99% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material.

sustainably sourced packaging We are increasing the amount of our packaging that is sustainably and ethically sourced. The product packaging boxes for our W3LL PEOPLE and Keys Soulcare brands are made with 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified paper. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

our products are 100% cruelty free. We are committed to delivering premium quality products that are 100% cruelty free.

e.l.f. Beauty does not conduct or tolerate any tests on animals, nor does the Company use any ingredients that are tested on animals in any of its products. Each of our brands is certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as “Global Animal Test-Free”, a label given to companies and brands who have verified that their own facilities and their suppliers do not conduct, commission, pay for, or allow any tests on animals for their ingredients, formulations, or finished products.

Read more about our Animal Testing Policy here.

we partner with organizations that do good for the planet. We are passionate about partnering with organizations that strive to do good for our planet.

For example, in April 2021, we teamed up with the National Forest Foundation to plant 10,000 new trees. The National Forest Foundation works on behalf of the American public to inspire personal and meaningful connections to our National Forests, the centerpiece of America’s public lands.

we take our impact on the environment seriously.

oversight Although every one of our teammates has the responsibility of mitigating our environmental impact, the primary oversight authority on such issues lies with our Board of Directors, through its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. In partnership with senior management, members of the Committee provide guidance on our overall ESG programs, including our environmental strategy and the setting of goals on environmental-related topics.

monitoring & compliance e.l.f. Beauty strictly adheres to all local, state, and federal environmental-related legislation and guidelines. We expect our partners and third-party providers to comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Our products are formulated to meet FDA and European Union Cosmetic Regulation restrictions for over 1,600 ingredients. We are continuously reviewing our manufacturing processes and partners, as well as broader consumer sentiment, to expand the list of ingredients we choose not to formulate with. On top of the over 1,600 ingredients restricted by the FDA and European Union Cosmetic Regulation, we have identified an additional 49 ingredients which we no longer use. Read more about our Product Quality, Safety & Innovation Policy here.

In addition to maintaining strict compliance, e.l.f. Beauty is committed to monitoring its overall environmental impact and will continue to develop its environmental strategy and associated risk management plan.

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